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We customize our pet sitting services to the special needs of your pet. This is discussed during an initial consultation. We will take that opportunity to get to know you and your beloved pet in order to learn all the regular needs and expectations your pet will have including the amount of food they eat, feeding and bathroom schedules, medications, in order to care for you dog exactly how you'd like!

Daily Pet Sitting

Need to drop your off for the day, while you head to an event, work, wedding, etc? We have you covered! Drop your pet off and

pick them back up whenever you'd like!


Weekly Pet Sitting

Heading out of town for a vacation or a work trip and can't take you fuor-legged friend with you? No problem! We'll watch your pet for you overnight for as many nights as


House Sitting

Does your dog prefer the comfort of his own home? No problem! We'll come by to keep him company, feed him, let him out and even take him for a walk so he doesn't get lonley for as many days as you'd like.


Dog Walking

We'll make sure your dog doesn't stay

cooped up. Your pet will get plenty of

excercise with daily walks!



For special circumstance, we can pick-up

and even drop-off your pet!

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